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Premium Listings

Why should I upgrade to a premium listing?
The Premium Listing upgrade offers you the opportunity to customize the way your listing looks on our website and on the Streetbrew mobile product. You can add your logo, description, links, photos and other images. You can control and edit the content via our website, and customers can access it directly from a (supported) mobile device, as well as online. Your premium listing with Streetbrew offers a branded, engaging experience for your customers via desktop and mobile devices.
Create an interactive presence for your business on the mobile web!
What does my listing look like with a Premium upgrade?
Add your logo, description and photos, as well as links to coupons, special offers, or promotions. Use your Streetbrew wall to connect with customers and fans at your locations and events.
Where does my search listing appear?
Your listing will appear whenever a user searches for keywords or locations that are relevant to your listing. Users can search on our website, or via their mobile device.
Can I control where my listing is shown?
When you create your listing, it will be seen by users of our website and via mobile smart phones. You will also be able to use our widget to display your wall on your own website.
How can I stand out from the competition?
To get the most for your money, we recommend that you take advantage of all the customization options available to make your business listing more attractive to potential customers. Add photos, logos and descriptions and update your promotions regularly. We encourage you to directly participate in the Streetbrew mobile experience at your business locations. Find out what your customers are saying on your Streetbrew wall, and add your own comments in real-time.


How does billing work?
We offer up-front or monthly payment options: You can select from a month-by-month or 1-year upgrade timeframe. If you choose the option to pay up-front, then you will pay an initial amount reflecting the up-front charge, and the option for renewal on an ongoing basis.
If you choose the monthly recurring billing option then your credit card will be charged every 30 days. You may choose to receive an (electronic) invoice each time your credit card is charged. Each invoice will inform you of the balance paid, the number of months you have purchased, and the current charges against your credit card.

Upgrade Options

What types of listings do you offer?
We offer two types of premium listings:
  • 1-month Premium Listing upgrade for $40
  • 12-month Premium Listing upgrade for $360 (25% savings)
You can renew an existing listing on an ongoing basis.
If you are a larger corporation interested in setting up a custom arrangement with Streetbrew, and/or purchasing multiple locations, please contact us to discuss your options:
Can I modify my premium listing?
Yes, you may change your listing information or payment timeframe at any time. Simply view your wall on the Streetbrew street map and click the Edit information to change your wall details.
Click the Extend ownership link to add more time to your listing.
Note: Please ensure that you are logged in when viewing your wall.
What happens when I reach the end of my upgrade timeframe?
If you are nearing the end of your upgrade timeframe, we will email you with timely advance notice to let you know, giving you the opportunity to renew your upgrade.
If you wish to renew your purchase you may do so at any time: Simply view your wall on the Streetbrew street map and click the Extend ownership link, where you will find information on how to extend your upgrade timeframe.
Note: Please ensure that you are logged in when viewing your wall.
Can I cancel at any time?
You may cancel recurring monthly subscriptions at any time before the next billing cycle. Your premium listing will continue through the end of the current cycle, after which your listing will revert to normal and you will not be billed.
To cancel a listing purchased with a one-time payment, you need do nothing: Just allow the upgrade to expire at the end of the indicated timeframe. To cancel an upgrade that is automatically renewed using recurring payments, simply log in to the Paypal account used to purchase your wall and cancel your subscription.
Can I get a refund?
As mentioned above, if you cancel your premium listing, we will stop charges to your account starting with the next billing cycle. We cannot offer refunds for unused time on the current billing cycle. (Your premium listing will remain available for this duration.)

Special Features

Can I change my promotional items (photos, logo, description, etc.) after I've uploaded them?
Yes. At any time, you can log in and update your listing information through the Streetbrew website. All changes will be reflected immediately online and on the mobile interface.
What information can I get about views of my premium listing?
On a monthly basis, we will provide data showing the number of clicks your listing has received on our website, and the number of times your mobile application is opened by a customer in the field. We will add more reporting features in the future. We hope to optimize these to benefit our premium-listed business customers, so please share your feedback and recommendations with us!

Three Ways to Profit

How can I profit from using Streetbrew?
Start making money using Streetbrew! Streetbrew offers three ways to profit:
  1. Add Streetbrew to your website and earn up to 70% of the revenue generated through your website each and every month. E-mail us to get started:
  2. Create walls for businesses to claim and earn 10% of the revenue generated through your implicit referral.
  3. Claim your wall, promote your business, and drive traffic to your establishment.
I'm a business. What can Streetbrew do for me?
Streetbrew will connect you with your customers. Go online or use your phone to Claim Your Wall. Use Streetbrew to read posts and join in conversations. Add information, photos, promotions and events for everyone to see. Not only can people find you at, they can also see your listing on their phones and on other businesses' websites.
How does Streetbrew appear on other websites?
When a business adds the Streetbrew map to their website, upgraded listings (including yours) are displayed by default, giving you greater visibility.
Can I make money without a website?
Use your phone to create walls at all of your favorite places. When a business claims its wall, you earn a 10% referral fee.
How do I get paid for referrals?
View your Referral Statistics on your profile page. When you reach a $100.00 threshold, you can request that a payment be made to your Paypal e-mail address.